School Rules

Disciplinary Procedures

Procedures for suspension / removal of students on disciplinary grounds

The class teacher will issue a warning letter to the student if the student’s conduct or behavior proves to be detrimental to the class concerned/school. The Principal will take disciplinary measures in accordance with the circular, regarding the discipline card system.

Discipline Card System

Yellow Card

  1. For coming late to school regularly
  2. For not wearing full school uniform on more than three occasion.
  3. Using abusive words
  4. Irregular in bringing the school hand book
  5. Disobedience to teachers
  6. Absence during class hours
  7. Abstaining from morning assembly without permission

Pink Card

  1. Bringing Cell Phone and other Electronic Gadgets to school
  2. Stealing
  3. Damaging school property
  4. Damaging / Destroying other student’s books, note books etc
  5. Malpractice during exams or tests
  6. Possession and reading of obscene and undesirable material in the school
  7. Fighting, injuring and teasing other students
  8. Being disrespectful to teachers
  9. Changing the marks in the progress report card
  10. Forging the parents signature in the progress report

Warning Card

  1. A student who received three yellow cards will be given a pink card (second warning)
  2. A student who receives three pink cards will be given a red card
  3. A red card will be referred to the discipline committee for necessary disciplinary action which may lead to dismissal of the student
  4. Red card will be given straight away in the case of serious acts of indiscipline
  5. Pink or red card will be given to the students in the presence of the parents
  6. Each class teacher shall maintain a “Disciplinary Action Register” for their class
  7. A separate Disciplinary Action Register will be maintained by the department head with necessary supporting evidence
  8. The decision of the discipline committee will be final