The School prepares students for All India Secondary School Examination and All India Senior School Certificate examination of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Delhi which is recognized for admission to Degree Course in the Universities and various Professional Courses such as Medical, Engineering, Agricultural Etc.

Salient Features of the school

  1. A well established CBSE Senior Secondary School in serene and sublime atmosphere, provides instruction from LKG to 12th Standard
  2. Highly qualified and experienced teachers, well equipped Science, Maths and Computer Labs and Library
  3. English is the medium of instruction and the school is declared as the English speaking zone
  4. The CBSE syllabus is followed upto 12th Standard
  5. Separate prayer halls for boys and girls and also for Juma Prayer.
  6. Islamic studies for Muslim Students and moral studies for Non-Muslim students are also arranged.
  7. The campus is free from politics of any kind.
  8. There is Audio/Video sessions to supplement class room instructions.
  9. The school insists on punctuality, honesty, morality, cleanliness and strict discipline.
  10. In order to promote sports and games, arts and science various clubs are formed and they function under the guidance and supervision of the teachers and principal
  11. Excursions and Study Tours are conducted every year.
  12. Special attention is given to slow learners.
  13. Transport facilities are arranged for day scholars coming from the city and urban areas
  14. The teacher/pupil ratio is 1:35
  15. Counseling is arranged to check the behavioural aspects of the student
  16. Talented students in the field of art, science and sports are encouraged
  17. Talented students in the field of Art, science and sports are encouraged
  18. Karate, Skating, Yoga classes are handled by special instructors
  19. Training in Vocal (Carnatic), Light Music, Group Songs, Instrumental Music, Band Troops etc. are given
  20. Well equipped and well functioning English Language Lab which is privilege for the students.
  21. Smart Class Room has been installed in the Academic Year 2012 to help children comprehend and enjoy the curricular areas
  22. Workshop for Socially Useful Productive Works
  23. A newly constructed fully equipped Auditorium with a capacity to accommodate 2000 people
  24. Medical inspection room with first aid facility has been set up to give first aid