Admission Procedure

Admission, Transfer and Removal of Pupils

  1. The school admits students of all communities irrespective of caste, creed or religion
  2. Admission starts from 1st December onwards for LKG, UKG and 1st Std and for other classes after the publication of results. Admission is given on merit basis. The first installment tuition fees together with other fees should be paid at the time and admission. Fees once paid shall not be refunded or adjusted under any circumstances
  3. A child who has completed 4 years is eligible for admission to LKG. A child must have completed 6 years of age as on 1st of May to be admitted in standard 1.
  4. Pupils seeking admission will have to bring their progress report from the previous school along with the transfer certificate. Formal application for admission is available in the office. A pupil who joins fresh has to produce original certificate.
  5. Generally transfer certificates are issued after the publication of the results of the Annual Examination. Formal application of the parent is required for getting transfer certificate. Transfer Certificate is issued only after all dues to the school are settled and return to the school properties, if any
  6. Pupils who are consecutively absent from classes for 7 working days, except on medical grounds will be removed from the rolls.

General Discipline and Instructions

  1. Students must come on time to school in school uniform
  2. The school calendar should be brought to school regularly
  3. Students should speak in English in the classes and inside the school campus
  4. The required text books, notebooks etc., should be brought according to the time table of the day
  5. On assembly days pupils should march and arrange themselves in lines according to the instructions issued by the Principal or teacher in charge of the assembly
  6. At the time of prayer strict silence should be observed
  7. All students should participate in the morning prayer and the national anthem
  8. Running, Playing, Shouting inside the school building are prohibited. Absolute silence should be observed while changing classes.
  9. No student should leave the school campus without the permission of the Principal/ Vice Principal/Head Master/Class Teacher
  10. Personal obedience are expected from all.
  11. Students are not allowed to meet visitors. They are not to be called to the telephone during class time under ordinary circumstances
  12. The school is not responsible for books, money and other valuable articles that are lost. Everyone should take care of his/her own belonging.
  13. Children are advised not to bring comics, newspapers, periodicals or playing materials to the school without the permission of the authorities.
  14. No gifts are to be given to teachers. On birthdays they are permitted to distribute only sweets and not any other things.
  15. Any damage done to the school should be made good. The school and premises should be kept neat and clean.
  16. Exemplary behavior expected from all the students both to inside and outside the school. They shall have genuine love to their Alma mater and keep high standard and good name of the school by their refined manners and behavior.
  17. Students suffering from infectious or contagious diseases will not be permitted to attend the class.
  18. Students are not allowed to involve themselves in politics or any kind
  19. All assignments shall be regularly done and submitted
  20. Students of one class are not allowed to go to other classes and loiter in the corridor even during interval
  21. Students are not allowed to being mobile phones or any other electronic equipments inside the campus.
  22. Blades, knives or any other sharp instruments are not to be brought to school
  23. All are expected to take part in the co-curricular activities the sports and games, literary competition and arts competition debates organized by the school
  24. A student who fails consecutively twice in the same class liable to be removed from the rolls
  25. Students are not allowed to drive automobiles (Two Wheelers)
  26. Read magazines and newspaper regularly.